GLANCE Lantern Festival – April 29, 2017

Friends & Family
Friends & families gathered Saturday here at Jibtopia Wake Park in a celebration of those they love, hopes, wishes & dreams. Lots of smiles and chatter from big families and small families alike. People scribble down their hopes, wishes, and dreams while gathering around the fire and enjoying warm, delicious s’mores.


Complete Silence
The crowd, getting quite excited, becomes louder and louder. The announcer, explaining how to prep for the launch, also gets louder and louder. People begin to shake out their lantern opening them up. Wide-eyed and ready they start to place lanterns over lighters to fill them with hot air. What was dimly lit, now begins to glow… The warm glow grows and grows as hundreds of lanterns fill the Carolina sky. Children laugh and people chant. For a few seconds as these gently floating lanterns filled the sky, I think I was the only one to notice the complete silence. Adults and children alike in complete awe of the beautiful event unfolding. It was magic… We can’t wait to host this again in the Fall and every year to come. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate! :)


-Jib Staff