Down N Dirty Mud Run – June 17, 2017

Wow! What a fun event! Smiles, feelings of accomplishment, new friends, post race food and drinks, and MUD! The first wave of runners took off at 9:30 and after 10 finishers began to cross the finish line with their sand bags, some extra mud, a big smile, and a new found sense of achievement! Beyond the mud pits there were 2 different wall climbs, a tire run, 2 different types of hurdles, 2 sand bag carries, and 2 slip and slides. The last slip and slide was into a fun mud pit that brought lots of laughs from runners and spectators alike!

The course is mostly on trails through the woods with inclines and declines to the many creek crossings and mud holes. The mud pits, creek crossing, and obstacles occur frequently enough that you stop and go most of the race, with the exception of the back half of the course where you take those ATV trails and can get into a slight rhythm.

Most racers were here to have fun and do something new with their friends. At the start line, waves of runners were sent out by cheering crowds every 30 minutes. There were quite a few areas throughout the course that were very swampy making it a little difficult to run! The obstacles were all spaced out and the release of waves ensured that there were no lines slowing down runners.

A lot of people use the obstacles to relax, catch their breath, and chat with other runners. Some even challenge their friends or even strangers to see who can make it through the fastest. This is a race afterall… Runners crossed the finish line with sand bags thrown over their shoulders, smiles on their faces and a high five from friends, family or strangers! Everyone finished the morning off with a complimentary beer or Gatorade and those who stayed to eat or wakeboard enjoyed both as much as the mud run. What a fun rewarding day! We loved hosting this event and all of you! Eagerly looking forward to the next Down N Dirty Mud Run on Saturday September 23rd! See you then, if not sooner!  
Stay Tuned… Video coming soon!


-Jib Staff