VXCS & Jib Ninja 2017

The weekend of July 15-16th was a double header of fun with the Virginia Cross Country Series taking place Friday-Sunday and the cable competition half of Jib Ninja here on Sunday. Racers and spectators started rolling in on Friday to settle into their camp sites and relax by the lake watching Wakeboarders practicing for the competition that was soon to follow.

Saturday morning, racers fired up their engines ready to tackle the new VXCS tracks for Sunday’s race. The VXCS crew spent a lot of time cutting awesome new trails through the woods specifically for this event, in addition to sprints across the fields.. To mix it up, the track was ran in reverse order (from last year’s event) to give the riders a new challenge!


Visitors spent their down time relaxing at the Jib Bar & Grill, enjoying yummy burgers and ice cold beer served by our awesome event staff! And by about 3pm, boat competitors made their way over to start practicing their lines for Sunday’s Jib Ninja Cable Competition; giving the VXCS riders and families a nice show to watch.


Sunday was a ton of fun! The day started with both the dirtbike race at 10am and practice runs for the Jib Ninja competitors. It was an amazing day with racers circling the property on powerful dirt bikes and atvs; while the wakeboarding competition was going on in the center. Racers where flying past the cables on the up and down, winding trail just outside the cables 1, 2, and 3 during the competition! The energy and excitement from  so much fun and adrenaline going on at the same time was something many people commented on and loved! See you again soon :)


-Jib Staff