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The Perfect Spot for the Advanced Rider

If you’re looking for a great place to have fun and ride, Jibtopia Wake Park is the spot.



Cable 1 offers a Hand Rail, Kink Ledge, Hubba Ledge, Triple Dipple, Incline Rail and an incredible new Pool Rail that features 10 new rails in 1!

Cable 2 features include a Big Kicker, Medium Kicker, Dance Floor, Roof Top and a Flat Rail with Bank Walls.

Jibtopia is a cable wake park that was built by riders that are passionate about getting on the water. We are continually adding the latest in features to provide riders with the best wake park we can possibly dream up. It’s our passion to share the indescribable feeling of shredding the water with as many people as we can, while simultaneously growing & strengthening the wakeboard scene.

If you’re interested in improving any aspect of your riding, we’ve got a challenging course for you.

Let us know if you would like to lend your passion, expertise, or efforts and be a part of helping the park continue to improve and be a very special place for people to come and have fun, challenge themselves, grow, learn, and experience life in a very special way.