VXCS & Jib Ninja 2017

The weekend of July 15-16th was a double header of fun with the Virginia Cross Country Series taking place Friday-Sunday and the cable competition half of Jib Ninja here on Sunday. Racers and spectators started rolling in on Friday to settle into their camp sites and relax by the lake watching Wakeboarders practicing for the competition that was soon to follow.

Saturday morning, racers fired up their engines ready to tackle the new VXCS tracks for Sunday’s race. The VXCS crew spent a lot of time cutting awesome new trails through the woods specifically for this event, in addition to sprints across the fields.. To mix it up, the track was ran in reverse order (from last year’s event) to give the riders a new challenge!


Visitors spent their down time relaxing at the Jib Bar & Grill, enjoying yummy burgers and ice cold beer served by our awesome event staff! And by about 3pm, boat competitors made their way over to start practicing their lines for Sunday’s Jib Ninja Cable Competition; giving the VXCS riders and families a nice show to watch.


Sunday was a ton of fun! The day started with both the dirtbike race at 10am and practice runs for the Jib Ninja competitors. It was an amazing day with racers circling the property on powerful dirt bikes and atvs; while the wakeboarding competition was going on in the center. Racers where flying past the cables on the up and down, winding trail just outside the cables 1, 2, and 3 during the competition! The energy and excitement from  so much fun and adrenaline going on at the same time was something many people commented on and loved! See you again soon :)


-Jib Staff




Down N Dirty Mud Run – June 17, 2017

Wow! What a fun event! Smiles, feelings of accomplishment, new friends, post race food and drinks, and MUD! The first wave of runners took off at 9:30 and after 10 finishers began to cross the finish line with their sand bags, some extra mud, a big smile, and a new found sense of achievement! Beyond the mud pits there were 2 different wall climbs, a tire run, 2 different types of hurdles, 2 sand bag carries, and 2 slip and slides. The last slip and slide was into a fun mud pit that brought lots of laughs from runners and spectators alike!

The course is mostly on trails through the woods with inclines and declines to the many creek crossings and mud holes. The mud pits, creek crossing, and obstacles occur frequently enough that you stop and go most of the race, with the exception of the back half of the course where you take those ATV trails and can get into a slight rhythm.

Most racers were here to have fun and do something new with their friends. At the start line, waves of runners were sent out by cheering crowds every 30 minutes. There were quite a few areas throughout the course that were very swampy making it a little difficult to run! The obstacles were all spaced out and the release of waves ensured that there were no lines slowing down runners.

A lot of people use the obstacles to relax, catch their breath, and chat with other runners. Some even challenge their friends or even strangers to see who can make it through the fastest. This is a race afterall… Runners crossed the finish line with sand bags thrown over their shoulders, smiles on their faces and a high five from friends, family or strangers! Everyone finished the morning off with a complimentary beer or Gatorade and those who stayed to eat or wakeboard enjoyed both as much as the mud run. What a fun rewarding day! We loved hosting this event and all of you! Eagerly looking forward to the next Down N Dirty Mud Run on Saturday September 23rd! See you then, if not sooner!  
Stay Tuned… Video coming soon!


-Jib Staff

GLANCE Lantern Festival – April 29, 2017

Friends & Family
Friends & families gathered Saturday here at Jibtopia Wake Park in a celebration of those they love, hopes, wishes & dreams. Lots of smiles and chatter from big families and small families alike. People scribble down their hopes, wishes, and dreams while gathering around the fire and enjoying warm, delicious s’mores.


Complete Silence
The crowd, getting quite excited, becomes louder and louder. The announcer, explaining how to prep for the launch, also gets louder and louder. People begin to shake out their lantern opening them up. Wide-eyed and ready they start to place lanterns over lighters to fill them with hot air. What was dimly lit, now begins to glow… The warm glow grows and grows as hundreds of lanterns fill the Carolina sky. Children laugh and people chant. For a few seconds as these gently floating lanterns filled the sky, I think I was the only one to notice the complete silence. Adults and children alike in complete awe of the beautiful event unfolding. It was magic… We can’t wait to host this again in the Fall and every year to come. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate! :)


-Jib Staff

Week 3 @ Jibtopia – Spring 2017

Hello, again! :) This past weekend was FANTASTIC thanks to 2 special groups! We celebrated 2 birthdays, in addition to a large group of ATV riders. First up, take a look at this group of boys who celebrated their 2 best friends birthdays with a day full of wakeboarding, dirtbikes, smiles & FUN! Jibtopia supplied the delicious cupcakes that the kids ended up getting most in their bellies but a good amount on each others faces also!





We partnered with Tatum Road on Saturday to honor the Family of CeCe Workman and hosted “A Ride for a Reason”…. Over 30 ATVs gathered for a day of fun out on the muddy trails, raffled off an Orca 20 cooler and a few other raffles. BIG Thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday to ride and to show support to a great family… We hope everybody had as much fun as we did!




Coming up this weekend @ Jibtopia…


See You Saturday! :)

-Jib Staff

Opening Day 2017

Hello Everyone! BIG THANKS to those who came out this past weekend and helped us kick-off the 2017 Wakeboarding Season! We had almost 100 people at the park celebrating the beginning of another awesome year! Wakeboarders traveled from the coast, Charlotte, Virginia & Maryland to slide our super fun features again. Many of the riders had been here before and were SUPER stoked to be riding and having fun! We taught a lot of first timers that were able to comfortably make turns and begin to hit features.

The weather was sunny and warm. Many people were comfortable riding in just a heater shirt while others rode in just life-jackets and ended up with fresh tans. Everyone had an awesome time riding, hanging out, eating at the Jib Bar & Grill and checking out the awesome new waterfront rental cabins!



Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped us kick-off an awesome new season-we look forward to seeing you again soon! For those of you who haven’t made it out (YET) this year, you will LOVE the new people, energy and amenities here at Jib!

OPEN 7 Days a Week (NOW thru Halloween) – See You Soon! :)


– Jib Staff