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Jibtopia is the Perfect Spot for Intermediate Riders

You love to wakeboard and have been at it a while. You love the feel of being on the water. You love the speed. Jibtopia Wake Park is the best place to practice and get better.

You Love to Ride. You’re Good. You Want to Get Better

Cable 2 is the perfect place for intermediate riders to get better. The Dance Floor is approximately 4’ wide in order to make it super easy for riders to stay on it as they slide across. It sits less than a foot off the water and has ramped ends to make it simple for for riders to ride or ollie on and off. For many, the Dance Floor is the very first rail they’ll ever slide, adding huge smiles to so many faces and pride in the hearts of all who accomplish this easy task for the first time. Our instruction, combined with our easy features, variable speed remote, and the System 2.0 make beginner and intermediate progress extremely fun and easy!
Once the rider is comfortable on the dance floor they can learn to slide the floor between pool 2 and the lake, and from there learn to come out of pool 2 onto the floor and into the lake. The next feature for the intermediate rider is the Roof Top feature. The Roof Top has easy ramped access and gentle sloped sides as well as incline and decline to make learning simple, progressive, and fun. After the Roof Top has been mastered, riders can progress on to the Double Flat which includes two levels of flat rails; and then it’s onto the kickers. Once a rider can successfully ollie onto the double flat and stay on for the entire length of the feature, they are ready to hit the Double Barrel out of pool 2; always an exciting and memorable milestone! From here the rider can progress to the Corrugated Pipe out of pool 2 and then onto the Rubix feature out of pool 2. Are you slightly past the beginner level, advanced, or maybe somewhere in-between like intermediate or advanced intermediate; no matter what your skill level there are tons of awesome combinations of features on Cable 2 to keep you smiling and easily progressing every day you ride!
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