Week 3 @ Jibtopia – Spring 2017

Hello, again! :) This past weekend was FANTASTIC thanks to 2 special groups! We celebrated 2 birthdays, in addition to a large group of ATV riders. First up, take a look at this group of boys who celebrated their 2 best friends birthdays with a day full of wakeboarding, dirtbikes, smiles & FUN! Jibtopia supplied the delicious cupcakes that the kids ended up getting most in their bellies but a good amount on each others faces also!





We partnered with Tatum Road on Saturday to honor the Family of CeCe Workman and hosted “A Ride for a Reason”…. Over 30 ATVs gathered for a day of fun out on the muddy trails, raffled off an Orca 20 cooler and a few other raffles. BIG Thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday to ride and to show support to a great family… We hope everybody had as much fun as we did!




Coming up this weekend @ Jibtopia…


See You Saturday! :)

-Jib Staff

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