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Our Amazing Wakeboarding Features

What makes Jibtopia Wake Park special is over 30 features that you get to experience when you ride here. Whether you’re a total beginner or an avid expert there is something for everyone to enjoy at Jibtopia Wake Park!

Riders travel from around the world to come improve their wakeboard skills, hang out, have fun, and meet new water loving people. When you come to Jibtopia Wake Park you’re sure to meet fun people from around the world. We’ve had riders come from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Russia and all across the US including Florida, Texas, and California. There is a world of knowledge, talent, and experience here at Jibtopia waiting for you to come be a part of and add your own story to the Jibtopia experience.


The beginner cable, Cable 3 is by far the easiest way to learn to get up on a wakeboard. The rider can either sit on the floating dock at the edge of the water, or in the water and is gently pulled up on top of the water by a handle and rope that is attached to the cable 30’ overhead. Because the attachment point of the rope to the cable is 30′ above the rider as opposed to the attachment point being 2-7’ above the water, as it is on a boat, the rider is pulled up on top of the water instead of being pulled thru the water. This makes it much easier for beginners to get up on their first try. The cable is controlled by a remote control that has a variable speed which can be dialed down to the slowest possible speed to get each individual rider on top of the water. As the rider improves their skill and confidence, the speed can be very gradually increased so that the rider doesn’t notice the change but rides more cleanly and comfortably. We have successfully taught 7-year-old children, 72-year-old men, and every age in between how to wakeboard. We can teach almost anyone to get up on a wakeboard and have fun!


Our features are designed in easy incremental steps that make progress seem really easy and fun. A brand new rider can progress from sliding the easiest beginner rail to the next level without any hard falls. Each time a rider successfully slides a new feature there is another feature which is just slightly more challenging than the one before and our trained coaches can help you take each step. By gradually improving we have helped many novice rail riders to be able to slide challenging rails after just a few visits to Jibtopia Wake Park because of our easy 3 part learning system.


The first part of our 3 part learning system is easy incremental rails. The second part is our variable speed remote that the driver can use to adjust the speed to any riders ability. The third is having trained coaches available that can watch each rider individually slide each feature and are available to give pointers and suggestions for improvement. When you come to Jibtopia Wake Park with the desire to learn and improve you will make progress every single day. We love to see the sense of pride that comes from our friends and customers accomplishing new challenges that seemed out of reach weeks, days, or hours ago.
Check out the features below including an elevated start pool with 4 features, a pool on Cable 2 as well as an elevated  start pool with 5 features and a mid run elevated pool with over 10 features on Cable 1,  all located on our amazing private lake.

Our Features


Start pool with 5 features
2 fixed features
1 floating feature
Mid run elevated pool with 13 features


Start pool with 4 features
5 floating features

Pool 2

This pool set-up is a bit different than our first pool set-up. It offers longer features at a more mellow slope with bigger floor spacing in between.


Specs: 10″ wide 74′ length

Skill Level: Advanced

This feature is a long slide with a change in transition allowing for fun slides and big presses! This feature is for advanced riders only.


Specs: 15″ diameter 35′ length

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

This correx pipe has the set up of a normal flat-rail, but with a 5 foot drop at the end.

Double Barrel

Specs:   10″ wide   35′ length

Skill Level: Intermediate

This feature is a really fun standard down rail, but it has a short flat kink at the end to keep it fresh & fun.

Big Kicker

SPECS: 4.5 ft. tall 8ft. wide

Skill Level: intermediate

The kicker is an essential part of any wake park! Ours will boost riders in the air with plenty of         time to do all sorts of high-flying maneuvers!

Medium Kicker

This kicker is super fun and has a unique shape to it. Being very mellow in angle It is very user friendly, but also has a lip at the top of it that allows riders to pop off of it and get just as much air as the large kicker.

Dance Floor

SPECS: 40′ long, 4′ wide 1′ tall

Skill Level: Beginner

The dance floor is fun for all riders, but was specifically designed for beginners. It’s wide and low to the water making it an ideal tool for learning to hit your first feature!

Roof Top

SPECS: 65 ft. long   1 ft. wide

Skill Level: intermediate

Our roof top is great for riders learning to hit rails, and still fun even for the advanced! It has a mellow transition and a long slide. It’s covered in sheeting which makes it fun to wall ride too!

Flat Rail with Bank Walls

Specs: 65″ long     3″ tall

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

This is a fresh rail concept, the banks on the sides allow for limitless change ups and endless fun! It’s a great feature for riders of all skill levels! It has a flat black side wall with our custom drip art tips.


Pool 1


Hand Rail

Kink Ledge

Hubba Ledge

Triple Dipple

Incline Rail

New Pool Rail

10 Rails in 1


Down Flat Down Rail

Rooftop Box

Hubba Box

Rainbow Handrail

Flat-to-Flat Corrugated

Double Flat


Flat Box to Corrugated Down

PVC Down Rail with DD

Flat Rail with Bank and Box Ledge

This feature is super fun and has many ways of being slid. It has a 8” wide top flat rail with 12” wide bank and a 16” wide box running along side it the same angle as the floor. the hits are endless and the fun is unmatchable.

What People Have to Say About Jibtopia


“I would recommend Jibtopia to any beginner, intermediate or expert in wakeboarding.”


“I definitely recommend Jibtopia Wake Park. It was a lot of fun.”


“I really enjoy coming out here. It’s a great vibe, good people, everybody’s down to earth, always have a good time keeping it real, hanging out with fam.”

Some Dude who Loves Us

“I love coming out here just cuz of the unique features, the unique atmosphere, and nowhere else do you have two different bi-level pools on the East Coast. The rails are sick, there’s great music and it’s always a good time.”

Some Dude who Loves Us

“My kids had been begging me to bring them out to your park. It was over an hour away so I wasn’t sure that was a good idea. This is one time I am glad I listened to my kids. I was worried about safety but everyone was very professional, they took great care in educating us and my kids had a great time. I recommend your park to anyone for a day with the family or even a birthday party like we had.”

A Dude in Raleigh

“I heard a lot of kids at my school talking about this place so I decided to check it out. It was even better than I could have expected. The rails were sick and everyone there was dope. I’ll be back.”

A Dude in Raleigh

“Great wake park with a grassroots feel.”


“This place rocks. It’s clean, professional and has an extremely helpful staff…”


“Best work staff EVER!”


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