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  • Cable rental rates change according to the month and day. Please select the BOOK YOUR CABIN RENTAL button and select the day(s) you’d like for specific pricing. Please feel free to email us below with and questions or comments regarding your cabin reservations.
  • The REMCO Cabin: $49-89
  • The FLEETWOOD Cabin: $59-99
  • The CLARKSON Cabin: $59-99
  • The DELUXE Cabin: $109-149
  • The Jib (Sleeps 4): $45

  • The Midas (Sleeps 4): $45
  • The Winnebago (Sleeps 6): $55
  • The Skyy (Sleeps 3): $40
  • BURT (Sleeps 5):$45
  • Add $10 per night for A/C
  • 24 Hours of Parking for your RV with no hookups: $20
  • 24 Hours of Parking for your RV with water, sewage & electric but no AC : $30
  • 1 Week of Parking for your RV with full hookups: $175
  • 1 Month of Parking for your RV with full hookups: $475

Camping at Jibtopia

Camping is always offered at Jibtopia Wake Park. We encourage everyone to come camp here and take in all that we have to enjoy on the property, whether your participating in park activities or joining us at BAR 119, we’d love to have you stay.

We have a Winnebago and 4 other RV campers available for rent, all with AC available for $10 per night. We also offer RV hook-ups so that you can bring your own camper and easily hook it up for electricity! Book your customized camping reservation below.

Jibtopia Wake Park is proud to announce that we now have 3 cabins for rent. What could be better than waking amongst the trees to a beautiful sunrise overlooking cable 1. All of our cabins for rent sleep 6 people comfortably and come equipped with AC as well as a mini fridge for your convenience. Book your cabin reservation below!

We also have a bathhouse with 4 individual enclosed showers, 2 outdoor showers and 6 onsite bathrooms.

We do not charge people to come out and swim, play volleyball, or hang out as long as they come with people who are wakeboarding, participate in a paid activity or make purchases from the Jibtopia waterfront Bar and Grill.

Send us an Email Regarding your Camping Reservations!